Choose “CREDINS Premium” Investment Fund to invest your savings, one of the forms of collective investment undertakings with open participation, created on the basis of a contract, through public offering of units.

Advantages of the Fund:

  • The fund has a low risk profile as it is invested in securities issued from the Albanian State;
  • High liquidity: the possibility of withdrawal at any time within seven days without penalty and without losing the interest;
  • A higher return compared to deposits;
  • It offers the possibility of investing either a lump sum or a periodic investment plan;
  • The minimum investment amount is only 2,000 Lek;
  • Diversification of investment opportunities;
  • Professional management of investments;
  • The fund is transparent. You can access your account on-line at any time.

For more information on the Investment Fund and to fix an appointment with our sales representatives, contact our Head Office or Network of Branches.

*“CREDINS Premium” Investment Fund is managed by CREDINS INVEST sh.a. – Pension Fund and Undertakings for Collective Investments Management Company.