SiCRED J.S.C. further increases its presence in the quota shares of SiCRED J.S.C. Pension Fund Management Company

SiCRED J.S.C. continues to successfully strengthen its presence in the voluntary pensions market. On 15 August 2014, it was registered in NRC (National Registration Center) the decision to change the capital and the quota share of SiCRED J.S.C Pension Fund Management Company. According to the new distribution of the quota share, SiCRED J.S.C owns 91.63% of this quota, compared to the previous possession of 87.25% of the shares.

The quota share distribution, after this change, is presented as follows:

• SiCRED J.S.C. 91.63% of the shares
• KURUM INTERNATIONAL J.S.C 8.37% of the shares

Mr. Genc KOXHAJ, CEO of SiCRED J.S.C, also in the quality of the authorized representative of SiCRED J.S.C shareholders, explains that such a decision reinforces the group’s believe and positive expectations from the private pensions market in Albania, which seems to be a real opportunity for guaranteed and advantageous long-life investments for individuals, investments which have as a core objective the preservations of the living standard and the quality of life during the retirement.

(September 24, 2014)