Life Insurance with Survival Benefit

What is Life Insurance (with Survival benefit)?

Life Insurance (with Survival benefit) is a combination of life insurance with an investment. This insurance provides life insurance for the insured person and helps saving regularly for a specified period. The insurance guarantees a monetary amount (Sum Assured) payable in case of death or survival of the insured person. The Sum Assured, payable at the policy maturity date can be used without any limitations for whatever purpose: to set up a new business, to fund your children education, to buy a new house, to fund your retirement income, etc. In case the insured person passes away during the insurance period, his/her descendants (children, husband / wife) will have financial protections and will benefit the sum assured immediately.

Who benefits from this insurance?
A. For Individual
This insurance is suitable for people with a regular stream of income and need for a lump sum amount after a period of 10, 15 or 20 years to accomplish a specific objective. This type of insurance ensures that you have your fund ready when you need it.
For individual, life insurance (with survival benefit) provides:
  •  Achieving your saving targets
  •  Establishing of a fund to meet in the long long-term a particular investment objective
  •  Financial protection for your descendants (family)
B. For Employers
“Motivation +” Plan of this insurance product, is a very interesting option for the employers, as part of the employees motivation and benefit policies as well as to help better manage the employees leaves. On the other hand, the employees themselves will be more motivated to prolong their stay at this employer since they can benefit the sum assured for survival at the condition that they remain employed during the insurance period.
Advantages of Life Insurance (with Survival Benefits)
  1. Helps you better manage your incomes
  2. Helps you save regularly
  3. The sum assures is guaranteed at the policy initiation and you can withdraw it on the maturity date.
  4. Offers financial protection and support for your family
  5. The insurer has the right to participate in the profit share that the insurance company earns by the premiums investment of this category.
Why should you choose Life Insurance (with Survival benefits) from SiCRED?
One Policy – with 3 insurances!
With the same policy you can choose to be covered for life, accident and critical illness. Along with the Life Insurance (with Survival benefits) you can choose the riders:
Accident Insurance – with this insurance you have the right to benefit in case of accident occurrence, in case of permanent or temporal disability, daily cash benefit for the days of disability, etc.
Critical Illness Insurance– with this insurance you have the right to benefit in case of appearance of one the critical illness during the insurance period. In case this happens, you will have extra income to afford the treatment expenses, without jeopardizing other financial plans of yours and your family’s.