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Life and Accidents Insurance

Life and Accidents Insurance

The occurrence of an accident forces the separation from the work activity temporarily or permanently. This brings significant financial struggles, not only to cover the medical expenses for the treatment of injuries caused by the accident, but also because of the reduction of the family’s income as a result of interruption of work activity or loss of life of the insured.

Thus, Life and Accidents Insurance offers:
  • Financial protection for the insured in case of temporary or permanent interruption of work activity, as a result of disability caused by the accident.
  • Financial protection for family members (beneficiaries) in case of natural or accidental loss of life of the insured.
  • Coverage of medical expenses necessary for the treatment of injury as a result of the accident.
  • Optional: Annual check-up to have up-to-date health information.
  • Insurance card bonus, which provides discounts throughout the medical network of private hospitals and clinics in Albania and abroad, which cooperate with SiCRED.
Life and Accidents Insurance advantages:
  • The insurance product with the most economical premiums.
  • Simple insurance procedure, with only the ID card.
  • Police issuing within the day.

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