SiCRED publishes the Annual Report 2016

SiCRED publishes the Annual Report 2016
2016 was a challenging year, but beyond the financial market difficulties, SiCRED has shown a rise in written premiums by 4.38% more than 2015, thus increasing its market share by 2.5% compared to the previous year.

Furthermore, novelties such as launching the “Life Insurance with Survival Benefits” product, demonstrate the finalization of a long and intensive work of SiCRED staff to deliver the best products created according to the customers’ requirements, the number of which reaches around 69 thousand for the year 2016.

Positive performance is also noted for SiCRED Pensions, now under the name of Credins Invest. The end of 2016 counted 8,870 members in the portfolio of the Voluntary Pension Fund and during this year, started its work also the Credins Premium Investment Fund.

The expanding of SiCRED Assistance services brought to each client, current and potential, in addition to the consulting services for employer companies in the field of safety and health at work, also the mediation in medical services and mediation in employment opportunities.

Click here to read the Annual Report 2016.

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