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SiCRED sh.a. now owns 24% of the shares of CREDINS Invest sh.a.

SiCRED sh.a. now owns 24% of the shares of CREDINS Invest sh.a.
SiCRED sh.a. increases its presence at CREDINS Invest sh.a.. The registration of the new shareholding structure at the National Business Center has been realized, where SiCRED sh.a. owns 24% of the shares in CREDINS Invest sh.a. – Pension Fund and Undertakings for Collective Investments Management Company.

Currently, CREDINS Invest sh.a. manages two funds:

– “SiCRED Pensions” Private Voluntary Pension Fund
– “CREDINS PREMIUM” Investment Fund

On April 2016, “SiCRED Pensions” had 10,260 clients and a net asset value of 269 million ALL.
On August 2016 “CREDINS PREMIUM” Investment Fund started its activity. On April 2017, the value of the fund’s assets amounted to 356 million ALL.
SiCRED sh.a. values the importance of the investment and the increasing of its presence in the shares of CREDINS INVEST sh.a..
Within a short period of time, SiCRED sh.a. will offer to the members of the Voluntary Pension Fund SiCRED Pensions innovative life insurance products, where we will mention the annuities. This combination of products (voluntary pension – insurance) also benefits the members of the fund fiscally.

For more information, visit the official website of CREDINS Invest sh.a. www.credinsinvest.com

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