SiCRED shares with you the Annual Report 2017

SiCRED shares with you the Annual Report 2017
Our main objective for 2017, following a difficult year, was the qualitative improvement of the main financial indicators, which was successfully met by means of a well-tailored financial analysis and careful management.

The revenue from the insurance premium increased by 7%, in accordance with our strategic aim for a sustainable growth. Paid claims doubled compared to 2016, representing 45% of the total paid claims in the life insurance market. Over 79 thousand clients chose to trust their life insurance to SiCRED sh.a. in 2017, resulting in an increase of almost 10 thousand clients more than the previous year.

For the first time during 2017 we distributed the savings accumulated via “Life with Savings” insurance contract, among 250 employees from three different companies that received a total fund of about 600 thousand EUR.

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