Albanian tradition in the focus of business

Albanian tradition in the focus of business

SiCRED Distribution (owned 100% by SiCRED sh.a.) was founded in February 2021, thus becoming the third company member of SiCRED family.

SiCRED Distribution has started as an important project in creating economic and social values for the handicrafts business.

With the aim of promoting art and national tradition, SiCRED Distribution has been promoter of the “Return on tradition” initiative, which invites institutions, partners, organizations located in Albania and Albanian businesses, to have a traditional element in their premises, such as Albanian handicrafts, traditional clothing or other in-house products.

The company aims to support local businesses, while promoting the continuation of the handicrafts’ tradition; it aims to build a safe and reliable distribution network in local and foreign markets; as well as to create strategic partnerships with businesses.

With the desire to become “The Heart of Tradition”, SiCRED Distribution aims to embody reliability, offering the best quality for its clients.

The Mission

SiCRED Distribution aims to play a special role in the economic development of craft sector, offering competitive choices; and through dedicated service, it aims to improve the approach to the cultural values of tradition.

The Vision

SiCRED Distribution aims to be a leader in the field of traditional clothing and handicrafts trading, with a vision for sustainable growth in Albania and abroad. Quality, careful selection of goods and fairness in service will be the constant sources of customer satisfaction.

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