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Life Insurance with Survival Benefits

Life Insurance with Survival Benefits

Life Insurance with Survival Benefits product combines the life insurance with a financial investment. This insurance provides coverage for the life of the insured person and helps them save regularly for a specified period of time (i.e. insurance period). This insurance product provides peace of mind, because it guarantees financial safety to the family of the insured person, in case of him passing away; as well as at policy maturity, the insured person receives the Sum Insured, which can be used for many long-term purposes: for children’s education, buying a new car or house, funding the pension incomes etc.

Life Insurance with Survival Benefits policy provides the option of additional insurance products (one policy, 3 insurance products!):
  • Accidents Insurance – benefits in case of accidents, where compensation is received in case of permanent or temporary disability, daily compensation for days of disability etc.
  • Critical Illness Insurance – benefits in case of occurrence of one of the critical illnesses (deadly illnesses), during the insurance period. Thus, the insured will have sufficient income to afford the treatment of the disease, without jeopardizing other family financial plans.
Advantages of Life Insurance with Survival Benefits
  • It helps better manage the incomes.
  • It helps regular savings.
  • The sum insured is guaranteed at policy issuing and can be withdrawn at the maturity date.
  • It provides support and financial safety for the family of the insured.
  • The insured person has the right to participate in the profit share that the insurance company earns from the invested premiums.
  • Investment alternatives in EUR, USD, ALL.
  • Insurance card bonus, which provides discounts throughout the medical network of private hospitals and clinics in Albania and abroad, which cooperate with SiCRED.
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