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Sportsperson Life and Health Insurance

Sportsperson Life and Health Insurance

The physical condition of professional athletes, who ensure income personally and also for the club in which they perform, is very important for their success. Injury to the athlete brings not only the reduction of the club’s income, but also the cost of his physical recovery. The Athlete Life and Health Insurance contract provides coverage of these costs, to directly or indirectly help a faster physical recovery of the athlete.

The Sportsperson Life and Health Insurance offers coverage for the:
  • Risk of Loss of Life;
  • Risk of Total Permanent Disability;
  • Accidental Injuries (sports trauma).

The right to be insured – All professional athletes of Albanian clubs and teams, who are federated with the respective Federations and who exercise their sports activity in the first and second categories, football players the national team, as well as members of the team management staff (such as coaches, masseurs, etc.) have the right to be insured with this contract.

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