Life Insurance with Survival Benefits

Life Insurance with Survival Benefits

Life Insurance (with Survival Benefits) is a contract that in addition to insuring the life of the person, helps the insured to invest regularly for a certain period of time. This insurance guarantees a monetary amount (Sum Insured) which is payable in case the Insured passes away or for survival, at maturity of the insurance contract.

The contractor may be the insured person himself, or a third party, who negotiates the insurance contract with the Insurer in favor of an individual or a group of individuals.

Upon maturity of the insurance contract, the Insured person benefits the Survival Amount, which is the guaranteed amount from the moment of entering into the contract.

The Sum Insured, that is to be received at the end of the insurance period, can be used by the Insured for many long-term purposes: for children’s education, buying a new car or house, funding the pension incomes etc.

In case the Insured person passes away during the insurance period, his/her descendants (children, wife/husband etc.) immediately benefit the sum insured, thus having a financial protection.

This product, through the “Motivation +” card, is an option of great interest to employers, as part of policies for employee benefits and their motivation, as well as for better management of staff movements. Employees themselves feel stimulated to extend the period of employment by their employer, as the guaranteed amount can only be received if they remain employed for the entire insurance period.

Reasons to enter into this contract, as an employer:
  • As part of employee benefits policies.
  • To extend the stay of employees in a workplace. Under the terms set between the Insurer and the Employer, the insured persons receive the survival amount only if they are still employed at the maturity of the contract.
  • To attract talent. Mainly to attract and retain, through innovative employee reward packages, persons who have special and enviable skills from the market.
  • To improve the business climate and employer-employee relations.
The advantages of Life Insurance with Survival Benefits:
  • You invest at a guaranteed minimum rate of 1.2% per annum. At a time when bank savings, mainly for foreign currency deposits, have an interest rate of almost 0%, this product represents a very good long-term investment alternative.
  • The product is offered in 3 currencies, Lekë, Euro or Dollars. Depending on your target, you have the option of choosing the currency of the sum insured, avoiding exchange rate risk in the future.
  • The sum insured is guaranteed from the beginning and can be withdrawn immediately on the maturity date.
  • The insured has the right to participate in the profit realized by the insurance company for the portfolio of this product. The Insurance Policy is an investment-related plan, so in addition to the sum insured (which is guaranteed) the insured has the right to participate in the profit that the company realizes from the investment of premiums for this product category.
Why buying this insurance policy by SiCRED?
One Policy – 3 types of coverage!

With the same policy can be provided 3 types of coverage: for life, accidents, and critical illnesses. In addition to Life insurance with Survival Benefits, additional insurance is available:

  • Accidents Insurance – through this insurance, the insured has the right to benefit in case of accidents, receiving compensation in case of permanent or temporary disability, daily compensation for days of disability, etc.
  • Critical Illnesses Insurance – through this insurance, the insured has the right to benefit in case of occurrence of one of the critical illnesses (serious illnesses), during the insurance period. Thus, he will have enough income to afford the treatment, without jeopardizing other personal or family financial plans.
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