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Voluntary Pension Fund

Voluntary Pension Fund

Plan your retirement now! Become a member of “CREDINS Pension” Voluntary Pension Fund as the best alternative for adding additional income to your state pension..

Advantages of the Fund:
  • Low investment risk given that the fund assets are invested mainly in treasury bills and bonds issued by the Republic of Albania;
  • Higher income compared to other investment opportunities;
  • Professional fund management from a team of experts;
  • The fund is inheritable, transferable and exempt from taxes
  • Minimal monthly contribution: 1,000 ALL;
By becoming a member of “CREDINS Pension”, you also benefit:
  • The Life and Accidents insurance for free, by SiCRED sh.a.
  • Discounts up to 60% in SiCRED Medical Network

For more information on the Pension Fund and to fix an appointment with our sales representatives, contact the Head Office or Network of Branches.

*“CREDINS Pension” Voluntary Pension Fund is managed by CREDINS INVEST sh.a. – Pension Fund and Undertakings for Collective Investments Management Company.