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Life and Health Insurance (Cash Plan)

Life and Health Insurance (Cash Plan)

Cash Plan guarantees the coverage of expenses for unexpected health problems as a result of Accidents or Illnesses of the insured person. The product is tailored in such a way as to meet the requirements of the customer, based on the composition and features of the insured group.

Cash Plan covers the below medical expenses:
  • Surgical interventions (with or without hospitalization),
  • General practitioner and specialist physician visit,
  • Expenses for accommodation and food, in case of hospitalization,
  • Intensive care (Reanimation),
  • Expenses for diagnostic tests (including X-Ray, CT Scan, MRI, Pet Scan),
  • Expenses for medicaments prescribed by the physician,
  • Expenses for dentures and related medical equipment,
  • Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy,
  • Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation,
  • Benefit in case of disability caused by the accident,
  • Etc

SiCRED offers the possibility to benefit (up to a certain limit) even in cases of illnesses that existed, or were diagnosed before the start of this insurance and which, from the risk assessment, may prove unacceptable to be underwritten. If the Insurer is aware of this fact in advance (through the Health Application form, submitted by the employees to be insured) he will state this condition in the Individual Health Certificate.

Other benefits from Cash Plan Insurance:
  • Annual preventive check-up to have detailed information on the insured’s health status.
  • Insurance card bonus, which provides discounts throughout the medical network of private hospitals and clinics in Albania and abroad, which cooperate with SiCRED.
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