Life Insurance with Savings

Life Insurance with Savings

Life Insurance with Savings is a product designed to meet a series of objectives for the employees. This product, firstly, provides life insurance for the employee, enabling financial support for his family, in case of loss of life before the maturity date of the policy. Secondly, the product has a guaranteed long-term investment scheme, so at the end of the insurance period, the insured person receives a single monetary amount which can be used according to their needs.

Being a professional plan set up by the employer for his employees, the product also serves as an incentive for them, who will only be able to benefit from the accumulated fund if they stay employed for the entire insurance period.

Since the payment of contributions is made by the Employer, the latter has all the rights to this insurance throughout the insurance period.

The product operates in the form of a savings deposit (depending on how the contributions will be paid, monthly or yearly), which consists of the investment element and, of course, the life insurance.

Since the insurance premium consists of the life insurance premium and the savings, upon termination of the insurance contract, the employee benefits from the amount invested, together with the relevant interest. In case the Insured person passes away during the insurance period, his family benefits the sum insured of Life insurance together with the savings invested up to that moment, as a single amount of money.

The payable benefits of Life Insurance with Savings:
  • The benefit in case of loss of life of the insured person, which is payable to the beneficiary in a single amount of 100% of the Sum Insured, together with the accumulated invested savings, calculated up to the date of occurrence of the event.
  • The benefit of Survival of the insured person, which is the amount for survival (accumulated savings invested) on the maturity date of the contract.
Who can be insured?

The persons who have the right to be insured with this insurance contract, are persons from 18 to 55 years old, who have an employment relationship with the contacting company (employer).

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