Depositor’s Life Insurance

Depositor’s Life Insurance

This insurance contract aims to motivate the clients of the banking system in Albania, to encourage investment in bank deposits. The Depositor’s Life Insurance Contract covers the risk of loss of life or permanent disability of the depositor, during the duration of his deposit.

In case the banking entity shows interest in concluding such cooperation with SiCRED, then a preliminary agreement is concluded between these two entities. Any depositor who has a deposit contract with this bank, or any new depositor who comes after, is automatically insured for their life, starting from the moment they open a deposit with the said bank.

This insurance covers the:
  • Risk of Loss of Life of the Insured due to Natural Causes;
  • Risk of Loss of Life of the Insured due to Accidental Causes;
  • Risk of Total Permanent Disability of the Insured due to serious accidental injuries.
Who can be insured?

Any person between the ages of 18 and 60, who already has a term deposit contract with the bank or concludes one recently, with a minimum term of 1 year, regardless of the amount of the deposit.

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