Employment Mediation

Employment Mediation

SiCRED ASSISTANCE L.L.C offers the service of employment mediation in compliance with license No. LN-2371 – 11 2016 issued on 25.11.2016.

This activity is extended in the following operations:
  • Information on the latest job vacancies;
  • Employment mediation;
  • Profession and Job consultancy and orientation;
  • Information and advising;
  • Employment guideline, evaluation of needs, methods of career or profession development;
  • Participation in the market improvement through trainings and intervention for the improvement of labor market legislation;
  • Mediation services for both the employer and employee or mediation services not necessarily or closely related to matters of employment;
  • Etc..

Services that are offered for the employer are mainly related to the information of the labor market, services for offering the possible candidates for job recruitment, information on different schemes of labor market…etc..

Migration services

Migration services are offered in the field of migration and that of emigration. Under this definition of “emigration”, we offer legal consultancy and employment mediation within the framework of legal stipulations of Law no.108/2013, date 28.03.02013 “For the Foreigners”, which lays out the regime of entrance, residence, employment, treatment and leave of the foreigners in the Republic of Albania.

Referring to the subjects well-specified in this law, all the foreign citizens that aim to enter the Republic of Albania territory for the purposes of transit, employment, studies or readmission, are all identified, accordingly. The foreigners are treated in compliance with their fundamental rights and freedom as well as through the international agreements which the Republic of Albania has ratified.

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