Safety and Health at Work


SiCRED Assistance sh.p.k., Consulting Company, owned at 100% of its capital by SiCRED sh.a. Life Insurance Company, was established on 29 June 2012,as demand to comply with the domestic legal situation in the Republic of Albania, in accordance with the strategy of the dominant economic group to meet this demand of the law.

The objective of the company activity is to provide assistance and consultancy to the employing companies for the implementation of legislation and technical regulations to ensure the welfare of their employees, in the course of work, and provide assistance and advice to employers to analyze, identify and prevent risks at work, in accordance with the requirements of relevant legislation.


The mission of SiCRED Assistance is to assist employers to best meet the requirements of the work legislation, and other requirements for safety and health at work imposed by the state authorities, becoming so an important factor for private or public entities in order to create and maintain optimal working conditions.



The Company has sufficient human and infrastructure capacity to meet the obligations toward its customers on time and with accountability. The Company staff are all qualified personnel, as lawyers, doctors, sociologists, engineers, etc., with several years of experience, according to the their working profile. The features of each profile satisfy the requirement for a detailed check of any work factor, and the way that this factor affect the employee as a human being.


We are aware of the duties and the risks we take and we aim to provide a product that meets our customer best expectation.


We are committed to offer our services, in full compliance of the contractual terms negotiated and accepted by both parties.


SiCRED Assistance aims to create and maintain an ongoing communication with the client, to identify the needs and problems that arise as a result of the work and at the same time we confirm that we are able to address their solution on time.


SiCRED Assistance aims to become an important and reliable partner for the contracting employer.

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