Occupational Safety and Health


At SiCRED Assistance sh.p.k. the Health and Safety consultants are highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the area of implementation of general and specific work legislation.

The package of services available to the client includes the following:

  1. Auditing on Occupational Safety and Health issues
  2. Support on the application of Labour legislation
  3. Documentation of Workplace Risk Policies
  4. Accidents Investigations
  5. Training on health and safety issues
  6. Counselling on Employment Procedures
  7. Counselling on Employment Contracts
  8. Advice and Consultations
  9. Answer in writing
  10. Seminars
  11. Employee Guide
  12. Protection and Representation


For more information, click for the website or contact SiCRED Assistance through:

e-mail: contact@sicred-assistance.com.al

Phone: +355 4 22 37 549