2021 Annual Report

It is a pleasure for SiCRED Life Insurance Company to share with you the summary of another year of challenges, efforts, and achievements, through the 2021 Annual Report.

In the course of the pandemic, we worked towards establishing optimal conditions to incorporate the third company, part and member of the SiCRED family, which commenced its activity in February 2021, under the name SiCRED Distribution. 

The SiCRED Distribution company, with its scope of activity, aims to bring back the art of national clothing and the reawakening of the Albanian tradition, creating a safe and reliable distribution network in the domestic and foreign markets.

We continued the work with confidence to establish and license a new life insurance product, considered as an added value for the Albanian consumer which will be ready for the market during 2022.

Furthermore, we invite you to enjoy reading the 2021 Annual Report together.

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