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“Buy Albanian” – Supporting domestic products

“Buy Albanian” – Supporting domestic products

There is no more appropriate moment than now, where the Albanian economy is fragile and vulnerable, to support domestic production and producers.

Under the slogan “Buy Albanian”, this year-end, SiCRED promotes and provides much needed support to the Albanian market. For its loyal customers and collaborators, SiCRED has prepared gift baskets only with “Made in Albania” products, a helping hand for the manufacturer in the conditions of the pandemic.

In a short visit at the Kallmeti Winery, we had the opportunity to visit the contemporary work environment and enjoy the wine of the “kallmet” autochthonous variety, of the Kallmet region of Lezha; a trinomial that constitutes a feature of wine production in that area.

While the winery covers part of the production needs with the resources of its own vineyards, the cooperation with the farmers of the area is the one that meets the vast majority of the harvest. This form of cooperation conveys a very positive spirit and it is noticed that, in recent years, it has started to be applied by many agro-tourism businesses. It is an approach that helps local producers in a chain way, most importantly the small farmers who need support in their activity.

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