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On the continuous training of SiCRED team and educating the public on life insurance products

In the life insurance market, the problem that is constantly encountered is the level of public knowledge about life insurance products and the lack of incentives to focus on personal care and protection the family’s future.

SiCRED has continued its efforts to contribute to public education on life insurance and financial investments and has recently launched its platform for online booking appointments.

Although this platform itself does not serve as a source of information, it provides an excellent educational opportunity through in-person meetings with SiCRED professionals. The level of information gained from these meetings will help to channel knowledge and select the most appropriate product for the individual, family or group interested.

In this context, SiCRED continued its regular training of its staff ensuring that the team of the company’s experts is fully prepared to respond to the requests and needs of the public.

Such trainings remain a priority of the SiCRED group.

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