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SiCRED Assistance sh.p.k. expands its range of services

SiCRED Assistance sh.p.k. expands its range of services
The consulting company SiCRED Assistance sh.p.k. continues expanding the range of its services. Besides giving consultancy to employing companies in the field of health and safety at work, now SiCRED Assistance sh.p.k. offers the service of mediation in medical services and mediation in employment.

Mediation in medical services
Regarding the medical services, SiCRED Assistance sh.p.k. offers mediation between patients and the most prestigious hospitals and clinics in Europe, adapting to the demands and needs of each client. This service starts with planning the medical services and coordinating the procedures with the selected clinic or hospital, and continues with the organization of the travel, departure and arrival in destination, organization of residence and hotel or apartment reservation, etc.

Now high-quality medical services in Europe can be obtained through SiCRED group even without being insured. SiCRED Assistance has signed collaboration agreements with a high performing hospital group in the Lombardy region and will be followed by further expansion of the medical network, for which SiCRED Assistance can provide mediation services.

Mediation in employment
Through the service of mediation in employment, SiCRED Assistance sh.p.k. provides services such as information of vacancies, orientation and counseling on professional development and finalization of the process of employment in different local or foreign companies. SiCRED Assistance has business relations with prestigious companies and initially expects to successfully cover the domestic market demands for babysitter or other employees from the Philippines.

For a company, the employer is the certainty and guarantee of its success, so to take care of his life and work conditions, in the long-term, means investing for a higher benefit.

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*The Consulting Company SiCRED Assistance sh.p.k., established on 29 June 2012, is owned at 100% of its capital by SiCRED sh.a. Life Insurance Company.

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