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SiCRED continues investing in its sales force

SiCRED continues investing in its sales force
One of the main Human Resources policies is the continuous training and qualification of its staff, to increase their performance and be up to date with the market news. Depending on the overall results achieved in evaluating the performance of the training, measures are taken to improve the quality of staff work. We are constantly aware of the most advanced international employee motivation practices, adapting them to our characteristics and needs.
Recently, the training organized on 19 – 22 September for the sales staff, after the carried out test at the end of it, gave a rather positive result, thus pointing out correctness, seriousness and professionalism in the work taken over by the employees of the company.
We give many thanks to the organizers and trainers, also to the staff for the seriousness and professionalism shown.
Such training courses are in the focus of SiCRED Company, for the future.

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