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SiCRED authorized agent of “CREDINS Premium” Investment Fund

SiCRED authorized agent of “CREDINS Premium” Investment Fund

Through the cooperation between SiCRED sh.a. and CREDINS Invest sh.a. – Pension Fund and Undertakings for Collective Investments Management Company, in all SiCRED branches you can now perform all the actions related to “CREDINS Premium” Investment Fund.

The SiCRED sales force has successfully completed the training with CREDINS Invest sh.a., gaining the necessary knowledge on investment characteristics in an investment fund, the risks associated with these investments, the advantages over other forms of investment, techniques to maximize return on investment, procedures of purchase and sales of quotas, etc.

At the end of the training and successfully passing the test, SiCRED sales force has been officially authorized as an authorized “CREDINS Premium” Investment Fund agent.

“CREDINS Premium” is one of the two investment funds in Albania. Licensed in August 2016, in less than two years, the fund has experienced a rapid growth, providing a satisfactory return for its investors. In September 2018, the Fund had about 1.5 billion ALL of assets under management.

The inclusion of SiCRED sh.a. in “CREDINS Premium” Investment Fund sales network is a very positive step, not just for the two companies, but above all for the financial market and the Albanian investor. For the very nature of a life insurance company, as a financial unit specialized in risk management, it is a source of professionals for quality orientation and advice on financial investments.

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