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15 years SiCRED!

15 years SiCRED!

October 2018 marks the 15-th anniversary of SiCRED sh.a., the first and only private insurance company in Albania with 100% local capital. In a financial environment that was experiencing rapid changes, the vision of the founders of SiCRED was to create an insurance company that would change the perception of Albanians on insurance products. By extending its activity to several cities in Albania, SiCRED sh.a. managed to count over 10,000 clients in its first years.

Meanwhile, over the years, the number of clients, employees and business partners increased significantly, bringing sustainable growth and success to SiCRED sh.a.. In a very short time, SiCRED shaped its name, still maintaining today the same image of serious, professional and ethical company.

In this 15-year journey, SiCRED has been the frontline of providing varied life insurance products designed to meet all customer needs in this sector. SiCRED carefully followed its vision to protect the interests of the individual, families, or client companies.

SiCRED was the first company to bring to the market the innovation of life insurance coupled with long-term savings schemes, through the “Life with Savings” insurance product. At the end of a 7-year period, employees would be rewarded for good performance at work and loyalty to the employing company.

The end of 2016 coincided with the first maturity of the insurance product “Life with Savings” policies and in February 2017, about 250 employees from the three pioneering companies that embraced this product, benefited nearly 600.000 Euros. Hundreds of others expect their fund to mature in the coming years.

In 2016, SiCRED introduced for the first time in the Albanian market the life insurance product with triple coverage: life, health and savings. The “Life Insurance with Survival Benefit” from SiCRED is one of the most distinctive products under which a customer benefits from: life insurance and family financial protection; the establishment of a designated fund ready to be withdrawn at maturity of the contract; insurance of the risk of accidents occurrence; insurance against the risk of critical illnesses occurrance.

Meanwhile, the end of 2017 counted over 79,000 clients.

Today, after 15 years of challenges, market uncertainty, successes and victories, we have the honor to thank you for the long cooperation! Undoubtedly behind the name of SiCRED are our clients, business partners, and our professional employees with high working ethics.

We wish for more years of successful cooperation to come!

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