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SiCRED part of UNYT “Virtual Career Fair Connection”

SiCRED part of UNYT “Virtual Career Fair Connection”

It has already become a tradition the cooperation between the University of New York Tirana and SiCRED. The Career Fair this year was adapted quite professionally by the organizational staff of UNYT in the online format, “Virtual Career Fair Connection”, which takes place on June 23-25, thus ensuring its continuity even in this unusual year.

SiCRED participated on the first day of the “Virtual Career Fair Connection”, where during the opening ceremony, UNYT awarded the partners of the fair with a certificate of appreciation.

The session where SiCRED covered the internship opportunities, turned out to be quite fruitful and the conversation with the excellent students of UNYT was an added value of our participation in the event.

Such collaborations pave the way for a long-term and fruitful relationship for future events.

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