For the first time we distributed the savings accumulated via “Life with Savings” insurance contract, among 250 employees from three different companies that received a total fund of about 600.000 EUR. Life Insurance with Savings represents a group life insurance contract combined with a savings scheme that lasts 7-10 years. This type of insurance is applied by several companies to upgrade the remuneration packages of their employees.


SiCRED sh.a. in 2017 focused on the strategy of increasing financial efficiency in order to recover investments made in group companies and its infrastructure, to maintain stable financial indicators and to build and consolidate a secure base for a sustainable growth for the security of its clients and the fulfilment of the medium-term and long-term objectives of the shareholders.


SiCRED sh.a. increased its presence within CREDINS Invest sh.a.. We have already registered the new shareholders structure at the National Business Centre (QKB), with SiCRED sh.a. holding 24% of the shares of CREDINS Invest sh.a. – Pension Fund and Undertakings for Collective Investments Management Company.