Category: Year 2019

We introduce to you the Conference “To Improve Health Together – The National and Regional Dimension”

SiCRED Assistance Company, in cooperation with the Foundation Istituto Auxologico Italiano and with the special participation of SiCRED sh.a., organizes the First Conference on “To improve health together – The national and regional dimension”.

The conference is a novelty in the Albanian market where SiCRED Assistance, inter alia specialized in mediating in medical services, cooperates closely with one of its partner institutes, whose exclusive purpose is the research and the activity of treating patients in hospital and ambulatory level, to support the information and education of the Albanian public on the topic of health improvement.

The Albanian public is given the opportunity to know the options of quality medical services not only within Albania but also abroad.

Below you may find the conference program and invitation and if you are interested in taking part in the conference contact us at efetollari@sicred.com.al.

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