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The event of the Association of Life Insurers, Pensions and Investment Funds

In a meeting organized in one of the halls of Tirana International Hotel, The Association Life Insurers, Pensions and Investment Funds (Shoqata e Siguruesve të Jetës, Pensioneve dhe Fondeve të Investimeve) welcomed many of the renowned names of our country in the field of finance, insurance, etc., to introduce the aim of ALIPIF’s (SHSJPFI) establishment and its expectations for the future.
The evening was opened by Mr. Naim Hasa, the president of the association, who in his speech, among other things, remarked that the aim of this establishment was not the duplication of public institutions, but through experience that these companies (part of the association) have, they should influence on the awareness of population for the development of life, pension and investment funds market. In the meantime, it is advisable to work with state institutions on the policies of these schemes, to make the younger generation become more interested towards these schemes.
For a better performance of this market, very helpful would be the establishment of the first private stock market, which according to Mrs. Enekeleda Shehi, it is still under construction. The fact that the interest is high, speaks positively regarding the impact of these developments.
Present in the event was also Mr. Ervin Mete, who on behalf of Ministry of Finances, promised the improvement of fiscal legislation in force, which regulates the life insurance, voluntary pension, as well as the investment funds sector.
With the hard work of ALIPIF, the market is waiting on a new impact, while bringing a new spirit of development in these sectorsClick here to read the speech of Mrs. Enkeleda Shehi in the event.

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