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AFSA organizes the national conference on “Financial Education”

AFSA organizes the national conference on “Financial Education”

On May 24, 2018, Albanian Financial Supervisory Authority organized the National Conference on Financial Education, with its main focus on students.
Such organization comes as need for public education with the non-banking financial markets, which continue to remain fragile.

The speech was opened by Mr. Ervin Koçi, General Director of AFSA, who said that this conference represents an important first step, which will not stop here. The aim is that the markets supervised by AFSA to not just be information to the public, but become part of our economic life.
Mr. Pajtim Melani, Board Chairman of AFSA, said that the financial education is the best investment for a long-term economic growth. He invited financial companies to invest more towards public education. Meanwhile, AFSA is working with the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth to incorporate financial education as a subject in pre-university education.

For more information about the conference click: http://amf.gov.al/news.asp?id=22059

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