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SiCRED continues its participation in the Career Fairs

SiCRED continues its participation in the Career Fairs
The Career Fair is now one of the most important activities for students, but not only. Like every year now, SiCRED participates in these events, which aims not only to offer employment opportunities for graduating students or internship for students who continue their studies, but also aims to choose valuable assets for the company, in the light of expending its staff.
On 26 April 2017, one of the private universities of our country, Epoka University, organized the Career Fair for its students.
Turned into an annual meeting between students and various companies, the Career Fair is considered as a very good opportunity for promotion and mutual communication and also an excellent opportunity to create long-term cooperation spaces.
Students interested for employment in the field of life insurance, were interviewed by SiCRED staff.

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