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SiCRED continues to expand its medical network in Turkey

SiCRED continues to expand its medical network in Turkey

One of the most important aspects for SiCRED remains the continued expansion of its medical network, where the insured persons for Life and Health can benefit from the highest quality of various medical services. In this network there are already clinics and hospitals from almost every city of Albania as well as from countries of the region such as Kosovo, Greece and Turkey and also from the European Union such as Italy and Austria.

SiCRED has continued its efforts to further expand its network in Turkey, where it has recently signed an agreement with a prestigious hospital in the city of Istanbul.
The hospital covers a wide range of medical services ranging from routine medical care to robotic surgery, cardiology, reproductive health etc. The hospital is oriented to reliable and quality healthcare services by combining the guest-focused approach, experienced physician team and multidisciplinary work. Aiming simultaneous utilization of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic methods, the objective of the hospital is the health of the patient.

SiCRED will continue to work on further expansion of its medical network, not only in other cities in Albania, but also abroad.

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