SiCRED announces with pleasure the releases of the Annual Report 2015

Important achievements and positive developments have accompanied the activity of SiCRED sh.a. during 2015, as well as SHAFP SiCRED sh.a. (now CREDINS INVEST sh.a.) and SiCRED Assistance sh.p.k.. For several years now, SiCRED is a consolidated company in the Life Insurance market, with increasing shares year after year that positioned the company in the second rank. In 2015 the gross written premiums reached 266 million ALL, the paid claims 51 million ALL, the consolidated assets were 1.2 billiard ALL and the net consolidated profits were 25 million ALL.
In 2015 about 61 thousand clients, in the greatest part faithful clients from many years now, trusted the life, accident and health insurance, as well as their Life Insurance with
Saving Scheme to SiCRED sh.a. In December 2015 we were granted the “Best Public Service” award by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Tirana, in terms of: high quality life insurance products, accidents and health and Life Insurance with Savings for individuals, families and business companies, personalized insurance packages tailored as per clients’ requests, as well as provision of contemporary services, Voluntary Pension Fund “SiCRED Pension”, under the management of SHAFP SiCRED sh.a. ( Pension Fund Management Company SiCRED sh.a.,) by the end of 2015 had 4490 members that ranked it second given the number of clients in the market of Private Pension Funds. Furthermore, SiCRED Assistance sh.p.k. has also consolidated its activity by continuing to improve its service standards to several Albanian companies and their promotion in order to attract more cooperation opportunities with other entities.

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