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SiCRED expands its medical network. We are now in Greece!

SiCRED expands its medical network. We are now in Greece!
The professionalism, medical care and experience of over 40 years have been added to SiCRED medical network fund, with the hospitals in Greece that are now available to every client, current and potential.
The cooperation with the prestigious hospitals of Greece, covering a wide range of medical services, from routine medical care to cardiology, dialysis unit, surgical and pathological unit etc., is the latest novelty of Life Insurance Company SiCRED sh.a..
The hospitals are equipped with the latest technology equipment, which is constantly updated to keep pace with the developments in medical technology, providing a quick and accurate diagnosis of all health problems for all categories of patients, children and adults.
SiCRED takes care of making the best medical services available to its customers.

For more information about the medical network in Albania and abroad, please visit our offices at:

“Brigada VIII” Str., Building No. 3/1, Tirana

or contact us at:

PHONE: +355 4 22 37 549
MOB.: + 355 69 20 84 026
FAX: +355 4 22 37 530
E-MAIL: contact@sicred.com.al

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