Category: Year 2016

SiCRED in the “kolor” TV program discussing the topic “the importance of life insurance”

Invited on the “Kolor” TV program of Televizioni Shqiptar (Albanian Television) – TVSH, Mrs. Vjosa Bodo, Director of Legal and Human Resources Directorate at SiCRED sh.a., together with the panel of guests, have addressed the importance of life insurance and the information that the Albanian citizens have on this matter. Life insurance is one of the most important instruments for meeting the financial objectives in a person’s life. Nevertheless, our culture on life insurance is at low levels compared to other countries of the region or around the world, and the progress to cultivate this culture has been slow.
For more than 60 minutes, the panel of guests attempted to provide basic information on classes and types of life insurance, on the factors that affect pricing, on benefits from life insurance, etc., aiming to inform the Albanian public on this form of financial investment.
For more, click here to watch the full TV program.

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